Mohammed Kabir Hussaini

Full Stack Developer

  • React
  • Nodejs
  • Vue
  • React Native

About Me

I am a Product focused Full Stack Developer capable of switching between the Frontend and backend aspect of development with an eye for creativity and design, capable of solving real world problems regardless of the technology in use but with the core concepts of software development I have a business minded and idea driven personality, passionate about building innovative solutions with great teams that contribute directly or indirectly to the betterment of Africa and the world at large.

Web development

I build frontend applications for the web

Web maintenance

I maintain existing web and mobile projects

Mobile development

I build for mobile and other hand-held devices

Real World Projects

Backend Projects

Bookstore App

Backend for a Bookstore application made with NodeJs, Express and MongoDb, it allows authenticated user to fetch and search books and allows only Admins to create, update and delete books
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CRUD people API

A People API that allows for the creating, updating, fetching and and deleting of data, made with NodeJs, Express and MongoDb
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Frontend Projects


A multi-page Fashion and Model portfolio website with an aesthetic modern black and white theme, a typography that stands out with a UX first approach.

HTML · SCSS · JavaScript

COVID 19 Tracker

A COVID 19 Tracker which fetches and displays realtime data from an API, it uses ChartJs and Leaflet to display data visually on a map and chart which changes visually with varying data.

ReactJs · CSS · ChartJS

Airbnb Clone

An exact clone of a former version of the famous Airbnb website with core functionalities of the real Airbnb website like date picker and a search page showing a list of available rooms.

ReactJs · CSS · Material UI

Netflix Clone

Clone of the popular streaming service website Netflix, pulling in dynamic data of movies based on categories from TmDb API with the capability of playing trailer of selected movies on the trending section.

ReactJs · CSS · TmDb API

Pinterest Clone

A Dynamic Frontend clone of Pinterest, with images loaded from unsplash API, it has a search functionality a nice masonry layout like the original Pinterest.

ReactJs · Styled Components · Unsplash API

Vue covid tracker

Vuejs course project by Brad Traversy, a responsive COVID 19 Tracker made with Tailwind, Vuejs and an API from which the data is gotten from..

Vuejs · Tailwind · covid19 API


A Typical Frontend Dashboard template showing latest activities and list of users using the table element in HTML, it works on all screen sizes and follows a particular theme throughout the application.


Weather App

A simple App showcasing the skill of fetching data with JavaScript, the App pulls in realtime weather data from OpenWeather API enabling users to search for weather information of any place accessible by the API.

HTML · CSS · JavaScript · Open Weather API

Tesla Homepage Clone

As one of my favorite tech companies, I decided to make a clone of the Tesla homepage, I implemented the snapshot CSS feature on the original website which ensures users scroll fully to the next item on the page.

Reactjs · CSS

Where I've Worked

Zuri Team

Backend Developer


  • Developing server side applications with NodeJs, Express and MongoDb
  • Creating APIs with Nodejs and implementing authentication using JWT
  • Timely delivery of tasks given
  • Proper documentation of real world APIs built

HNG Internship

Frontend Developer Intern


  • Tasked to make beautiful and interactive websites.
  • Created client side applications from UI designs
  • Created responsive websites that work across all devices
  • Team work and collaboration on real world applications

Feel free to contact me for full time positions, contracts or just to chat!😁